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Junior high efficiency air filter routine maintenance method?

March 03,2023

Air filter after installation also need to do a good job of maintenance and maintenance work, reasonable equipment maintenance can prolong the service life of the air filter, can also improve the efficiency of filtration, to a certain extent, reduce the operating cost. How to do a good job of air filter maintenance work? The following aspects hope that you can understand, do a good job of maintenance work to make the equipment run more smoothly.
Do a monthly check-up
Check the dust saturation of the air filter every month. If the saturation is too high, it will breed a lot of microorganisms in the long run, which will directly affect the filtration effect. Secondly, when checking every month, we should pay attention to whether there is damage to the filter part of the air filter, whether there is seal damage. If there is damage, it needs to be repaired in time to avoid these damages affecting the use of the air filter. Of course, it is also necessary to record the running time and pressure difference of the air filter, so that the state of the equipment can be determined in time.
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Clean the filter in time
For the air filter screen must be cleaned and replaced in time, so when to clean, when to replace? When the air filter is saturated and the data reaches the final resistance, it is necessary to clean the air filter in time. If it is in the pollen season or the heating season, it also needs to be cleaned frequently. If the air filter is damaged, it is necessary to replace the air filter screen in time, so as to make the air filter run smoothly.
What should I pay attention to when cleaning and maintaining equipment panel pleated air filter, what kind of problems need to be noticed? First of all, it is necessary to clean the environment of replacing the filter equipment. The operator also needs to pay attention to cleaning. Secondly, when replacing the air filter, the disassembly action must be gentle, so as to avoid the damage of the equipment in the cleaning process, affecting the use. Again, we need to pay attention to good records, that is, record the cleaning time of the air filter, and the values after the completion of cleaning.
In order to do a good job of cleaning and maintenance of the air filter, these aspects of the work is we must pay attention to, reasonable attention to these points, in order to make the cleaning and maintenance work more in place, complete the clean air filter can run smoothly, the operation effect also meet their own needs

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