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Main parameters of high efficiency filter applied to laminar flow

September 30,2022

Main parameters of high efficiency filter applied to laminar flow

1.The high efficiency filter has no eddy current to the air in the clean room, and the dust and bacteria attached to the dust are difficult to spread to other places, so they can only be removed on the spot.

2. The air is filtered by thehigh efficiency filter, and the asepsis is required to enter the indoor laminar flow.

3. The air moves in the form of laminar flow. When all suspended particles in the room move in the laminar flow, it can avoid the aggregation of suspended particles into large particles

4. The newly generated indoor pollutants are immediately taken away by the laminar air and discharged to the outside.

5. The air velocity is relatively increased, the particles float in the air without sedimentation, and the indoor air is not stagnant, which can avoid cross contamination of drug powder.Main parameters for high efficiency filter selection:

1. The main control parameters selected for the high efficiency filter are filtering efficiency, rated air volume, initial resistance under rated air volume, dust capacity, etc.

2. Check according to the method specified in GB/T6165-1985 High Efficiency Filter Performance Test Methods – Transmittance and Resistance. The transmissivity is ≤ 0.1% (i.e., the efficiency is ≥ 99.9%) or the particle size is ≥ 0.1 μ M The filter with the count transmittance of particles ≤ 0.001% (i.e., the efficiency ≥ 99.999%) is a high efficiency filter.

3. The common filter materials of high efficiency filter are superfine glass fiber, etc

4. The filter shall meet the fire protection requirements. The high efficiency filter is divided into three levels according to the fire resistance: the first level filter. All materials of the filter are incombustible, and the incombustible materials shall comply with GB8624-2012A The secondary filter and filter filter shall comply with GB8624-2012A incombustible materials. The partition plate and frame can use combustible materials that comply with GB8624-2012B2. The tertiary filter and all filter materials shall comply with GB8624-2012B3.

5. When designing, twice the initial resistance can be used as the calculated resistance of the filter

6. The initial resistance of the high efficiency filter shall not exceed 10% of the product sample resistance.

7. The high efficiency filter shall not be used alone, and shall be set at the end of the purification air conditioning system

8. The capacity shall be provided by thehigh efficiency filter manufacturer. The high efficiency filter shall be checked for leakage when leaving the factory. Other requirements must be determined according to the needs of users

9.In general non parallel flow clean air conditioning systems, combined filter outlets are often used.

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