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Material Selection of Liquid Filter Bag for Viscous Liquid

February 22,2022

When liquid filter bags are used in chemical, food, pharmaceutical, petroleum and other fields, they often encounter the problem of viscous liquid filtration. Want to know how viscous liquid is filtered? Now let’s discuss how theliquid filter bagfilters viscous liquid.


The liquid filter bag is mainly one of the components of the filter. The liquid filter bag is mainly used to filter impurities, such as dust falling off in the production process, impurities falling off the packaging barrel, particles falling off in the transportation process, etc. the ordinary bag filter has no big problem in the filtration of liquid with low viscosity. However, in the case of high viscosity liquid, the filter manufacturer needs to go to the site to test the parameters such as liquid viscosity, impurity content and filtration volume, and redesign the filtration method. Hua filter manufacturer can customize the liquid filter you need for you.


Let’s get to the point. The commonly used filtration method in the market is to expand the filtration area of viscous liquid filter bags, that is, the multi bag filtration method can also be used in terms of pressure selection: because ordinary pipeline pumps and impeller pumps are powered by electricity, when the working time is too long and the impurity content is too high, the motor will often burn out, affecting the filtration effect, Reduce production efficiency, so we usually use pneumatic diaphragm pump and adopt pneumatic method to avoid burning out the motor.


Filters are often used in high viscosity industries such as resin, viscose, coating and ink.


Selection of filter bag material:


Firstly, find out the available filter materials according to the chemical name of the fluid to be filtered and the chemical cooperation taboo, and then evaluate them one by one according to the filter medium temperature, operating pressure, pH value, viscosity (CPS), impurity type (hard particles, soft particles), impurity content (PPM), and operating conditions (e.g. whether it is necessary to withstand steam, hot water or chemical sterilization, etc.), And remove unsuitable filter materials. Use is also an important consideration. For example, thefilter materialsused in drugs, food or cosmetics must be FDA approved materials; For ultra pure water, the filter material that is pure and does not contain the release that will affect the specific impedance shall be selected; For gas filtration, hydrophobic materials must be selected and whether “sanitary filtration” design is required.


Accuracy selection of filter bag:


This is the most troubling problem. For example, to remove particles visible to the naked eye, a 20 or 25 micron filter bag should be selected; to remove the cloud in the liquid, select 1 or 5 micron filter bag; to filter out the smallest bacteria, a 0.2 micron filter bag is required. The problem is that there are two units of filtering accuracy: absolute accuracy / nominal accuracy.


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