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Material analysis — what kind of filter bag is basalt filter bag?

December 30,2022

Basalt dust filter bag:
It is a new type of high temperature and high efficiency filter material with reasonable structure and excellent performance. It is made of high number of rock fiber filaments, which are split into velvet and needled. It has good heat resistance, flame retardancy and anti-corrosion effects. It has a three fiber porous structure, high fiber porosity, small gas filtration resistance, higher dust removal efficiency than woven filter material, and about twice the filtering speed than woven filter material. It is the preferred product for blast furnace gas and flue gas filtering at present.

Basalt fiber, as the filter material of dry filter, is mainly used for industrial dust removal and ultra-high temperature flue gas purification. Because of its high strength, super high temperature resistance, strong corrosion resistance, low elongation and other excellent properties, the filter bag made of basalt fiber has the following characteristics:

1. The mechanical strength is high, and the breaking strength is generally above 3000N;
2. Low elongation, the breaking elongation of basalt fiber itself is only 3%, so the size of filter bag made of it is stable;
3. Good mechanical property, which can be used for a long time at 350 ℃;
4. It has good corrosion resistance and can be used in acid and alkali atmosphere;
5. The fabric has high porosity, smooth surface, good air permeability, and no-load pressure loss is only 2 Pa;
6. High dust collection efficiency, up to 99.5% – 99%, especially for dust particles with diameter less than 0.5mm;
7. Strong adaptability to dust content concentration of flue gas;
8. Large amount of smoke and dust treatment, convenient operation and maintenance, and easy ash removal;
9. The service life is more than 2 years.

Basalt dust filter bag technical parameters:
Gram weight: 950g/m2
Material: glass fiber/P84/PTFE/basalt
Thickness: 2.5-3.0mm
Air permeability: 8-16m3/m2 · min
Longitudinal tension: > 1900N/5 × 20cm
Latitude tension: > 2000N/5 × 20cm
Longitudinal elongation: < 10%
Weft elongation: < 10%
Operating temperature: 350 ℃ instantaneous 400 ℃
Features: high temperature resistance and corrosion resistance

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