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Microporous filter: liquid fine filtration technology

December 25,2023

The core of a microporous filter is its microscopic pore structure, which is usually in the order of a few microns to nanometers in size. When the liquid passes through the microporous filter, particles, microorganisms or other impurities larger than the pore size will be intercepted on the filter surface, and the pure liquid will flow out smoothly through the pores, so as to achieve fine separation and filtration of the liquid.

Application scenarios of microporous filters

Biomedicine: In pharmaceutical production, microporous filters are often used for the clarification of drugs, the purification of cell culture fluids, and the separation and enrichment of microorganisms.

Food & Beverage: In food processing and beverage production, microporous filters are used to remove suspended solids, microorganisms and other impurities to ensure product safety and quality.

Microelectronics and semiconductors: In microelectronics manufacturing, microporous filters can be used to remove fine dust particles from the air and prevent contamination of chips and electronic components.

With the advancement of science and technology and the deepening of research, microporous filters are more and more widely used in nanotechnology, biomedicine, environmental protection and other fields.

Its fine filtration capacity and efficient separation performance provide strong support for scientific research and engineering applications, and promote technological development and innovation in related fields.

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