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Must the bag filter cages be in Wen’s tube?

July 18,2022

Dust collector bag filter cages wen’s pipe, also known as venturi pipe, its main function is to induce three times of airflow. The principle of the venturi effect is that when the wind blows through the barrier, the air pressure is relatively low near the port above the lee-wind face of the barrier, which produces adsorption and causes the flow of air. The principle of Wen’s pipe is actually very simple: it is to coarse check the air flow to speed up the gas flow rate, so that the gas forms a “vacuum” area at the back side of the Wen’s pipe exit. It can use the air flow to transport the powder.


Venturi oftop quality dust bag filter cagespipe material has iron, aluminum alloy stainless steel and other different specifications, high quality pipe, iron pipe with 1 mm thick steel plate once tensile molding, tensile strength meet the requirements, fatigue strength is better than cast aluminum pipe, especially not broken and cause serious mechanical accidents; the tube dust bag cage inside and outside radian smooth, smooth, smooth air. Text pipe specifications 110, 115, 120, 125, 130, 140, 145, 155, etc., skeleton joint and mouth bottom are also the same specifications, all specifications of text pipe specifications height are 130 small head diameter 60 big head diameter according to the skeleton specifications of different 145, 170, specific product details can be consulted, our sffiltech factory can also be customized according to the requirements to do dust collector bag cage accessories products. We aredust collector bag cage manufacturer & supplier. If you are interested in our products, pls get a free quotation.

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