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Oil Pollution Purification Degassing Filter to Help

March 16,2022

Oil pollution is usually manifested in the mixing of air, water and other solid impurities in the oil. The contaminated oil is put into the machine, which seriously affects the operation efficiency of the machine and reduces the effective utilization rate of oil. At the same time, the contaminated oil remains in the machine, affecting the service efficiency of new oil, accelerating the aging of the machine and shortening the service life of the machine.


Degassing filter, asself-service filtering equipment, can effectively separate the gas and impurities in the medium, and achieve the effective separation of oil, impurities and gas. It is of great significance for purifying oil and realizing the recycling of oil. At the same time, it plays an important role in the protection and effective utilization of oil resources in China, and plays an increasingly important role in alleviating the shortage of oil resources and improving the effective utilization rate of machinery resources.


The degassing filter is composed of filter cartridge, filter element and relevant filtering equipment. When the oil enters the filter screen, the impurities are blocked outside the filter screen, and the fluid passes through the filter screen components that can change the liquid flow direction, so as to change the rise and fall of the oil-gas interface according to the pressure inside and outside the filter cartridge, so as to discharge the gas in the oil, It is the best choice to realize the purification of contaminated oil products.


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