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Principle of antistatic dust filter bag

January 17,2024

Antistatic dust filter bag is based on the traditional dust filter bag, by adding antistatic materials or using special processing technology, so that the filter bag has antistatic characteristics.

This filter bag is mainly used in the working environment of high static electric field or electrostatic spark easily to prevent the negative impact of static electricity on the dust removal system and the working environment.

Antistatic dust filter bags usually use materials with good electrical conductivity, such as materials containing conductive fibers or conductive coatings. Common antistatic materials include polyamide, polyester and so on.

Anti-static dust filter bag principle:

Conductive fiber:

Conductive fibers are added to the filter bag material, and these conductive fibers can form a conductive network that helps to release or conduct static electricity and prevent static electricity buildup.

Conductive coating:

The surface of the filter bag is coated with a good conductive coating, which can provide a conductive path and help release static electricity.

Electrostatic discharge:

Antistatic filter bag through conductive properties of the material or surface coating, so that it has a good electrostatic discharge capacity. This helps to avoid the accumulation of static electricity on the surface or inside the filter bag, thereby reducing the impact of static electricity on the working environment.

The electrostatic characteristics of the anti-static filter bag can also reduce the adhesion of dust on the surface of the filter bag, because the electrostatic action will repel the dust particles, reduce blockage and increase the service life of the filter bag. Antistatic dust filter bag is widely used in dust explosive environment, chemical production, electronic manufacturing and other occasions, where static electricity may cause sparks or danger.

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