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Production process flow of SFFILTECH manufacturer's boiler filter bag

September 24,2023

The process flow of SFFILTECH manufacturer's boiler filter bag usually includes the following steps:

Fabric preparation: Select materials suitable for boiler filter bags, commonly including polyester fiber, polypropylene fiber, polyamide fiber, etc. Cut and treat the filter bag according to specific requirements.

Sewing filter bags: According to the design size and requirements of the boiler, sew the prepared fabric. Usually, specialized sewing machines and processes are used for sewing filter bags to ensure sealing and durability.

Installation framework: Boiler filter bags usually need to be installed on the framework to maintain the shape and stability of the filter bag. The skeleton can be made of metal or plastic, and can be selected and installed according to specific requirements.

Inspection and testing: After the installation of the filter bag is completed, inspection and testing are carried out to ensure its quality and performance. Check whether the stitching of the filter bag is firm, the size is accurate, and conduct appropriate air leakage testing.

System debugging: Install the assembled filter bag into the boiler system and perform system debugging. Ensure that the filter bag can operate normally and the filtration effect meets the requirements.

Maintenance and replacement: Regularly maintain the boiler filter bag, clean the dust accumulation on the surface of the filter bag, and regularly replace worn or ineffective filter bags to ensure the normal operation and filtering effect of the dust removal system.

The above is the general process flow of boiler filter bags, which may vary depending on different designs and requirements.

In practical operation, adjustments and execution should be made according to specific circumstances.

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