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Reasons for Choosing High Temperature Glass Fiber Woven Filter Bag

April 22,2022

The glass fiber filter bag is an important part of the operation process of the dust collector, and the dust is adhered to the outer surface of the glass fiber filter bag. The quality of the fabric of the filter bag determines the ash removal efficiency of the dust collector. Therefore, many manufacturers will choose products with high cost performance, but high cost performance does not mean that they are suitable. People should choose the right products! We want to choose the leadingglass fiber filter bag manufacturer.


The following small series will introduce you to the glass fiber filter bag. What are the reasons for selection and related contents?


Glass fiber filter bag, reasons for selection:


  1. High force

Generally, the force of glass fiber filter bag is about 4000N / 20mm. The large high filtration chemical fiber filter bag and composite filter bag are more suitable for making long filter bags without human factor damage to the base cloth through the needle pricking process.


  1. Corrosion resistance

Glass fiber filter bag can operate normally in acid-base and partial alkali load, except hydrochloric acid and concentrated ammonium sulfate.


  1. Stable specification

At high temperature, the elongation of glass fiber filter bag is not easy to exceed 2%, so it is more suitable to make filter bag with large straight warp ratio, and it is not easy to collapse and deform the filter bag due to high temperature.


  1. Good moisture and oil solubility and remarkable ash removal effect

The surface water resisting layer can keep water out of the membrane, but let the vaporized fog water, i.e. superheated steam, at will. The smoke and dust with air humidity close to saturation state can be shaken off at will, and it is moisture-proof and oil resistant.


  1. Resistance to hydrolysis reaction

It is resistant to hydrolysis reaction and can operate normally under the extreme load of 95% air humidity.


  1. Heat resistance

Glass fiber can be continuously applied under 260 ℃ loads.


  1. Anti static

Adding stainless steel wire to the weaving process of glass fiber filter bag can reduce the potential safety hazard of electrostatic induction to cloth bag.


  1. Oxidation resistance

Glass fiber has strong antioxidant energy and is basically not oxidized by air. Especially in coal-fired power plants, the electric bag composite dust collector is very easy to cause three oxygen and the damage level of PPS filter bag is large, which also limits the application of PPS filter bag in raw coal boiler dust collector.


  1. High cost performance

Glass fiber raw materials are cheap and superior in performance.


  1. Long service life

Because the PTFE membrane has no viscosity and the surface is smooth, which reduces the accumulation of smoke and dust, the ash removal amount is less. Less ash removal reduces the maintenance of the filter bag and increases the service life. In the place of single pulse cyclone ash removal, the use of air compression can be reduced and the actual operation cost of dust collector system software can be reduced.


  1. High efficiency

The average diameter of PTFE plastic film on the surface of glass fiber covered sub membrane filter bag is 1 μ below m, the foundation of the object settles on the surface of the covered sub film and the surface of the object. Very few objects can enter the interior of the plate. In addition, its porosity can reach 80-90%. Such a large clearance rate can produce a relatively high total flow of vapor filtration, and the ash removal efficiency can reach 99.999%.


The glass fiber covered sub membrane filter bag includes continuous glass fiber woven fabric covered sub membrane filter bag, glass fiber expanded yarn covered sub membrane filter bag and glass fiber needle felt covered sub membrane filter bag. The glass fiber covered sub membrane filter bag has been applied in the market with excellent practical effect, especially in large and medium-sized high-temperature cloth bag filter.


There are two laminating processes for glass fiber coated sub membrane filter bags in China.


One is the covering technology of the universal hot press molding machine in the International League. The glass fiber covered sub membrane filter bag produced and manufactured with this technology has the advantages of fast ash removal speed, low operation friction resistance, long service life and no falling of membrane. It can work for a long time. Under the load standard of 260 ℃ (the temperature reaches 300 ℃ in an instant), all the characteristics of the filter bag have no change, and the service life of the filter bag reaches about 2 years, The covering technology of hot press molding machine is an excellent technology recognized by the International League. Several famous enterprises making glass fiber coated sub membrane filter bags all over the world also choose this kind of technology. There are three existing companies in China including our company. The covering technology of hot press molding machine is the guarantee of the quality of glass fiber coated sub membrane filter bags.


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