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Replacement and Installation of Liquid Filter Bag

January 06,2022

Precautions when installing liquid filter bag.

  1. When to replace the filter bag?

There are two methods to determine when to replace the filter bag in practical application:

1) Determine the approximate replacement time according to experience.

2) The pressure gauge is installed in the inlet and outlet pipes of the bag filter. The pressure difference displayed by the front and rear pressure gauges determines the time to replace the filter bag. Generally, the pressure difference that the filter bag can withstand is 0.5 to 1 kg / cm2. When the pressure difference between the left and right reaches this interval, the filter bag must be replaced in time to prevent the filter bag from cracking, affecting the filtering effect and not losing too much.

  1. Step by step filtration

Bag filters can be installed in series to achieve step-by-step filtration.

If it is installed on the front of the filter for high-precision filtration, the filtration cost can be greatly reduced. A filtration method such as sand filtration can also be combined with a bag filter to further improve the filtration quality and reduce the cost of the filter bag.

By combining automatic cleaning machine, centrifugal and bag filter, we can use them alone or in series with other main filters to achieve ideal results.

  1. How to realize uninterrupted filtering?

The parallel installation of bag filter can ensure the continuity of filtration or increase the flow. If the filters are installed in parallel and the filter bags are replaced alternately, the continuous filtration can be maintained.

When installing the liquid filter bag, the following precautions are as follows:

  1. Take out the new liquid filter bag. In the new filter bag, the unused filter bag must be re loaded into the plastic bag to avoid dust pollution.
  2. Turn off the power supply to stop the pump, and then close the inlet and outlet valves
  3. Release the pressure to flush the nozzle into the open space. Open the vent valve and slowly reduce the filter pressure.
  4. Open the cover and open the cover after the pressure drop of the filter element is zero. Take out the used filter bag.
  5. The edge of the filter should be cleaned.
  6. Verify the bow and edge of the basket. The surface of the upper edge of the filter basket in contact with the filter cartridge is flat. If there is no basket or the basket is installed incorrectly, a filtering error will occur.
  7. Install a new filter bag, put the filter bag in the basket, and correctly place the filter bag sealing ring in the sealing groove.
  8. Check the gasket and select a gasket compatible with the fluid. Close the cover. Please note that when closing the filter cover, the washer is not bent or the groove is not closed, and the ring nut is tightened clockwise.
  9. Close the exhaust valve and turn on the pump switch. Open the inlet and outlet valves, and then slowly open the valves to check for leakage. In case of leakage, close the inlet and outlet valves, and then restart the outlet valve.

Abrasion resistance and filter bag type requirements

The stability of the filter bag during use is good: the glass fiber itself will not shrink at the standard temperature, the dust on the filter bag is easy to fall off, and the expanded filter wire cloth will increase the filtration wind speed and filtration efficiency.

It is resistant to high temperature and wear. It can be waterproof and oil proof during use. The product can be used in all fields. When the liquid flows outward through the filter bag, the particles will enter directly and the impurities will remain in the filter bag.

This type of pressure filtration can be filtered. The filter bag is a filter product, which comprises a main filter system, which is a filter container, a filter bag, a support basket, etc., and also filtered through the pressure. This can better complete this filtering work.

Different types of products will differ in the use and operation of the industry, because liquid filter bags have more advantages. Such products can not only bypass the use of products, but also pollute the ink in the filtrate when using labels.

Its filtering range is very wide, and the filtering accuracy is between 0.5 microns and 300 microns. These products are used in coatings, food, ink and chemical industries and products. These products can also be reused. It won’t be a waste.

This is also a dust bag. The utility model is characterized by easy cleaning and anti-corrosion function in the process of use. The whole product has a wide range of applications and can be used in chemical industry, power plant and other industries.


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