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Schematic diagram of multi bag filter

October 22,2022

Multi bag filter refers to a bag filter with two or more filter bags installed in a stainless steel tank. Compared with single bag filter, multi bag filter has larger water yield and larger diameter of stainless steel tank, which is more suitable for large-scale industrial filtration production. The principle of multi bag filter is the same as that of single bag filter.
Schematic diagram of multi bag filter
The overall structure of the multi bag filter is shown below
The multi bag filter is composed of rocker arm, upper cover, water inlet and outlet, filter bag, metal mesh basket, exhaust valve, pressure gauge, etc.
Theinlet and outlet modes of multi bag filterinclude upper inlet and lower outlet, and side inlet and bottom outlet. The most used inlet and outlet mode is side inlet and bottom outlet. The schematic diagram of side inlet and bottom outlet multi bag filter is as follows
The liquid of the side entry multi bag filter enters the stainless steel tank from the side, and is impacted by the pressure of the equipment itself. The liquid spreads evenly around the filter bag. The clean liquid flows out from the bottom outlet through the filter bag, and the filter residue is intercepted inside the filter bag.

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