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Selection and Application of Filter Bag in Cement Factory

July 16,2022

Almost all parts of the concrete processing process cause dust, and the removal of dust from the filter bag contains basically all the whole concrete processing process. Choosing a bag filter and a dust collector bag for the relative dust collector bag is crucial. According to different working standards, grinder, dryer equipment, coal mill, raw material grinding, kiln head, kiln glue, column grinding, cement grinding standards (such as temperature, environmental humidity) clear filter system effectively maintain high efficiency of ash removal, reduce the cost of ash removal.


According to the actual processing process, the detailed explanation of thewholesale Cement Industry Bag Filtersselection and application.


  1. The crusher is sprinkled with dolomite and auxiliary raw materials and other raw materials, which will cause a lot of dust and a lot of dust. Dust has high water content, causing less dust. It can work under room temperature standards, so the chemical mill grinder generally chooses the dust collector bag as a polyester dust collector bag with cost and economic benefits, or when there is a lot of water when choosing a moisture proof bag of polyester fat.


  1. Divide the raw materials into several parts, and then conduct metrological verification in the raw material ball mill (also known as the raw material ball mill) to carry out the powder solution again. The humidification tower gets the heat generation from the preheater, so that the heat body moisture into the raw material grinding, thus reducing the concentration value of soot and soot. In addition to the ash in the raw material dust collector, under some conditions, do not add the humidification tower to select the polyester cloth dust collector bag at room temperature, and the dust collector of the humidification tower must be applied with the moisture-proof dust collector bag polyester.


  1. The next step is the whole process of high-temperature forging of raw materials, that is, to remove the dust from the cement rotary kiln of the chemical factory. The dust from the chemical plant has high temperature and concentration. But Flume stipulates that the filter in dust collectors winds less and costs much more money. Electric oven ash removal temperature is also very high, and accompanied by strong corrosive gases (such as hydrochloric acid and sodium cyanide), generally use PP dust collector bag or channel dust collector bag. In addition, because of high temperatures and high water vapor, chemical plant vertical furnaces use hand-woven fiberglass cloth or cloth bags containing fiberglass powder to collect dust.


  1. After forging the raw materials, the cement clinker cooler will be used to process them into semi-finished products. Some of these were collected in the coal mill and then returned to the cement rotary kiln and dissolution furnace. Coal mills are very prone to dust and explosion, so the polyester film is made of polyester anti-static powder bags. Another part of the calcined semi-finished product is processed to remove dust and eventually become the last commodity of concrete. In this area, be sure to collect the dust again, and you can pick a polyester dust collector bag at the indoor temperature.


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