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Selection and Precautions of Industrial Press Filter Cloth

January 05,2022

In the daily industrial production of filter press, our most common problem is how to select the industrial filter cloth suitable for your industry? How to select filter cloth for different types of filter presses?


Generally, we select the box filter press machine according to our requirements and the properties of the filter (i.e. stripping characteristics, chemical and physical properties of the material). Drying performance of filter cake after filtration; the filtered material has a wide range, and so on. Let’s have a look.


For us, the most important thing is to consider the nature of the filter. When selecting the filter cloth of plate and frame filter press, the importance of its coefficient exceeds 75%. Answer: the stripping performance of filter residue directly affects the working efficiency of filter press equipment. The surface of the filter residue is smooth and non-sticky, and the filtrate will quickly exude from the medium filter cloth.


Long filtering time.


On the contrary, the filter residue has blocking characteristics, the filtration time is long, and the efficiency will be reduced accordingly. In addition, the stronger the adhesion, the lower the efficiency. At this time, we must choose monofilament filter cloth or satin woven filter cloth.


According to the acidity, alkalinity and other chemical properties of the filtrate, different degrees of acid and alkali are selected to adapt to the filter cloth type. The strongest acid resistance is polyester filter cloth, and the strongest alkali resistance is polyvinyl alcohol fiber filter cloth. Acid and alkali resistance are the same as polypropylene filter cloth.


The shape of the filter residue, whether the particles are uniform and whether the shape is hard, so as to consider the wear resistance of the filter cloth. The size and angle of the diamond are uneven, depending on the degree. The best wear resistance is commercial filter cloth and economic filter cloth.


The temperature of the filter also affects the filter cloth and working efficiency of the filter press. The highest temperature resistance is the line theory filter cloth.


Similarly, the selection of filter cloth is our requirement. We want the efficiency of the filter press and the dryness of the filter residue.


Regeneration performance of filter cloth.


When selecting filter cloth, please pay attention to the filter cloth with good regeneration performance. With good regeneration performance, the filter cloth can be washed directly on the filter press to reduce the replacement times. The replaced filter cloth is easy to handle (drying, washing, etc.), and the filtration efficiency is restored to more than 80%.


Precautions for use of industrial filter cloth.


Filter cloth is an essential item in many industries. If you want to obtain filter cloth products with quality meeting your requirements and the price is very low and reasonable, you must master some technologies and methods when purchasing filter cloth. Shop around so that


You can buy better products.


First of all, we must choose the material of filter cloth according to our own needs. Generally speaking, the materials of filter cloth include galvanized wire, black steel wire, black wire and stainless steel wire. Filter cloth made of different materials. The performance is also different, and the price is naturally different.


It has been changed, so when selecting the filter cloth, you should make a reasonable choice according to your specific needs to avoid spending unnecessary money.


Secondly, we must select the correct mesh size filter cloth. Because the size of the filter cloth grid is very large, the required filter cloth must be selected when purchasing the filter cloth. Use this function to select the filter cloth product with the correct grid size.


Third, the production process type of filter cloth is also a very important basis for selection. Generally speaking, the production processes used on filter cloth mainly include weaving, welding, stamping and etching. Welding is performed on the filter cloth for filtering.


There are many requirements for decoration and protection. Therefore, when selecting filter cloth, you must make reasonable judgment and selection according to the characteristics of your industry and the specific environment in the future.


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