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Steel ring filter bag

September 16,2023

Steel ring filter bag is a commonly used type of filter bag, with a filtration accuracy typically between 1 and 200 microns. It can be applied in various fields such as chemical, food, pharmaceutical, electronics, etc.

The characteristics of steel ring filter bags are high filtration accuracy, good filtration efficiency, long service life, and good pressure resistance. Its outer layer is usually made of polypropylene or other acid and alkali resistant synthetic materials, while its inner layer is supported by steel rings made of metal materials such as stainless steel or iron.

Steel ring filter bags can usually be divided into two types: single-layer and multi-layer. Multilayer filter bags have higher filtration accuracy and efficiency, but their corresponding prices are also higher.

When choosing steel ring filter bags, it is necessary to choose the appropriate model and filtration accuracy according to your actual needs, and pay attention to selecting high-quality and reputable brand products.

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