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Storage Requirements for Filter Cloth

June 10,2022

The selection of filter cloth has always been a difficult problem. Different filter cloth specifications and models should be selected according to different working conditions, environments and equipment. In addition to selection, the appropriate number of filter cloth to buy at a time should also be considered. Let’s talk about the storage of filter cloth.


As a filter medium, the selection of filter cloth is very important to the quality of filtration, and even plays a key role.


The performance of filter clothand the correctness of type selection directly affects the filtering effect. At present, the common filter cloth used is the filter cloth made of synthetic fiber by spinning.


According to the different raw materials, it can be divided into polyester, vi nylon, polypropylene, nylon and so on. In order to achieve the interception and filtration speed are ideal.


In the selection of filter cloth, it is also required to select according to the particle size, density, chemical composition and filtration process conditions of the slurry.


The strength, elongation, air permeability and thickness of the filter cloth are different due to the different raw materials and methods of weaving, which affects the filtering effect.


There are certain requirements for the storage environment of the filter cloth. The filter cloth should not be blown and exposed to the sun in cool weather. It should be stored in a dry and cool place. The filter cloth is woven from various fibers. It is easy to reduce the characteristics of the filter cloth when blown and exposed to the sun, and it will seriously form weathering; Therefore, it is not easy to purchase too many at one time, unless the working conditions are disordered and the work quantities are large, which will cause great damage to the filter cloth, or the filter cloth should be cleaned frequently.


In the first two cases, the filter cloth is seriously damaged, and the standby filter cloth is required to be stored in a suitable environment just in case. It is not clear that it is recommended to consult the professionals of the filter cloth factory on how to store it; under the working condition of frequent cleaning of filter cloth, there shall also be standby filter cloth, which shall also be stored in a suitable environment.


Therefore, for the selection of filter cloth, first look for apowerful filter cloth factorywith guaranteed product quality and good reputation in the industry, then ask whether there is a filter cloth that meets the working conditions according to the working conditions and environment, and then look at the filtering accuracy and equipment conditions to summarize and select a filter cloth that meets the working conditions; Choose suitable filter cloth. If there is a suitable storage environment, you can buy 1-2 more filter cloth as backup. If there is no suitable environment, you should not buy more filter cloth. The filter cloth will be greatly affected by the improper environment for a long time.


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