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Structural characteristics of microporous folded filter cartridges

June 30,2023

Microporous foldable filter cartridge is a filter cartridge with a special structure, and its main characteristics are as follows:

Folding structure: Themicro porous folding filter cartridgeis designed in a folding manner, folding a longer length of filter material into multiple layers, forming a large number of small pores and channels. This structure can increase the effective filtration area of the filter element, improve filtration efficiency and processing capacity.

Microporous filtration: A series of small pores are formed between the folded layers of the microporous folded filter cartridge, which are uniform in size and can accurately control the filtration accuracy.Microporous filter elementstypically have high filtration accuracy and can effectively capture small particles and suspended solids, providing excellent filtration performance.

Multi layer filter material: Microporous folded filter elements are usually composed of multiple layers of filter materials, and the pore size and filtration efficiency of each layer of filter material may vary. This design allows for layer by layer filtration, allowing the filter element to handle particles of different sizes and provide a more refined filtration effect.

High flow rate and low pressure difference: The microporous folded filter cartridge has a large filtration area and channel, which can achieve high flow rate processing capacity. Meanwhile, due to the small and evenly distributed pores of the microporous folded filter element, it can reduce the generation of pressure difference and reduce system energy consumption while ensuring filtration efficiency.

Easy to replace and maintain: Microporous foldable filter elements usually adopt an plug-in design, making installation and replacement convenient and fast. The folding structure of the filter element allows for a large pollution capacity and prolongs the service life of the filter element. When the filter element is saturated, it can be easily replaced to ensure the filtering effect and normal operation of the system.

Microporous foldable filter cartridges are widely used in the field of liquid filtration, such as food and beverage, pharmaceuticals, electronics, chemicals, semiconductors, and other industries. Its unique structural characteristics make it an efficient and reliable filtering choice.

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