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Structure of Bag Filter

December 09,2021

With the development of science and technology, the manufacturing process of modern products is constantly updated, and the old products can no longer adapt to the rhythm of modern development. Therefore, for filter manufacturers, only continuous learning and innovation can make the market and customers recognize the products. At present, there is a new type of filter on the market, that is, bag filter, which is a kind of filter with novel structure It is a multi-purpose filtration equipment with small volume, simple and flexible operation, energy saving, high efficiency, closed work and strong applicability. The bag filter is a new filtration system. The bag filter is supported by a metal mesh basket. The liquid flows in from the inlet and flows out from the outlet after being filtered by the filter bag. The impurities are intercepted in the filter bag and can be used again after changing the filter bag. Next, Xianji Xiaobian will introduce the structure and working principle, advantages, installation precautions, operation and precautions, maintenance and causes of filter bag damage of bag filter.

Structure and working principle of bag filter

  1. Bag filter structure

Bag filter, the cylinder is made of stainless steel, including three parts: filter container, supporting net basket and filter bag.

  1. Working principle of bag filter

① Bag filter is a kind of pressure filtration device, which is mainly composed of filter cylinder, filter cylinder cover, quick opening mechanism, stainless steel filter bag reinforcing screen and other main components. The filtrate flows into the filter bag through the side inlet pipe of the filter shell. The filter bag itself is installed in the reinforcing net basket, and the qualified filtrate can be obtained when the liquid penetrates through the filter bag with the required fineness grade, the impurity particles are intercepted by the filter bag. The machine is very convenient to replace the filter bag, and there is basically no material consumption for filtration;

② The bag filter has many advantages, such as reasonable structure, good sealing, strong circulation ability and simple operation. In particular, the side leakage probability of the filter bag is small, which can correctly ensure the filtration accuracy and quickly change the filter bag, reducing the operation cost;

③ The internal and external surfaces of the filter are mechanically sandblasted and polished, which is average and easy to clean. We know that the filtering method adopted by the bag filter is side in and side out, or side in and bottom out. The filtered liquid medium is pressed or pumped into the bag filter barrel through the pressure in the pipeline. The liquid medium to be filtered supports the filtration of the filter bag supported by the filter blue through the electro polishing punching; The changed solid and liquid respectively reach the result that the liquid medium is filtered.


Advantages of bag filter

  1. Bag filter has the advantages of large processing capacity, small volume and large pollution capacity. When the effective filtration area of a No. 2 filter bag is equal to 20 10 ″ filter elements, the filter bag is better than the filter element in terms of cost and efficiency;
  2. Based on the working principle and structure of the bag filter system, it is convenient and fast to replace the filter bag, and the filter is free from cleaning, saving labor and time;
  3. The side leakage probability of filter bag is very small, which effectively ensures the filtration quality, while the side leakage probability of filter element is large, and the side leakage probability of N filter elements reaches 2n;
  4. Bag filter can bear greater working pressure, small pressure loss, low operation cost and obvious energy-saving effect;
  5. The filtering accuracy of filter bag is continuously improved, and the filtering accuracy has reached 0.5 μ m. In a large range, it can replace filter element filtration;
  6. Bag filter has wide application range, flexible use and various installation methods;
  7. It can be used with self-cleaning, membrane filtration or other filtration systems to meet different needs.


Precautions for installation of bag filter

  1. The equipment shall be installed by-pass or equipped with standby filter to facilitate the overhaul and maintenance of the equipment without shutdown;
  2. Valves shall be installed at the inlet and outlet of the equipment;
  3. The net distance between equipment shall not be less than 1500mm; The net distance between the equipment and the wall shall not be less than 1000mm; No less than 500mm maintenance space shall be reserved around the equipment and.

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