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The Function and Selection Method of Medium Efficiency Filters

May 19,2023

The SFFILTECH medium efficiency air filter plays a very important role in environmental protection equipment. The SFFILTECH medium efficiency filter is mainly used for intermediate filtration, which can protect and extend the service life of the equipment. With its unique bag structure, it ensures that the airflow is evenly filled throughout the entire bag. The unique hot melt technology can prevent excessive compression or leakage between the bags, reducing resistance and maximizing dust capacity.

SFFILTECHmedium efficiency filterfunction

The function of medium efficiency purification filter: It mainly filters 1-5um dust particles in the air, with efficiency of F5-F9 series, and its appearance is mainly divided into two types: bag type and non bag type. It is used at the front end of the high-efficiency filter screen to protect the high-efficiency filter screen, reduce its filtration load, and extend its service life. It is used in the main filtration of the air conditioning ventilation system or the middle end filtration of the clean room, and the filter screen is also used.

How to choose amedium efficiency bag filter?

1、 Specifications and dimensions: The dimensions of the SFFILTECH medium efficiency bag filter include four aspects: length, width, thickness of the frame, and depth of the bag. The first three ensure compliance with the reserved installation space, while the latter ensures the rated air volume of the entire filter.

2、 Bag count: Usually, an SFFILTECH medium efficiency bag filter contains multiple bags, such as the standard size of 287mm, which can be divided into 3 or 4 bags. Too much or too little can affect the effectiveness of use!

3、 SFFILTECH medium efficiency filter filtration efficiency: In the absence of specific data, it is difficult for customers to determine the filtration efficiency of environmental protection equipment medium efficiency air filters. One of the most direct methods is to judge the filtration efficiency by the color of the bag.

4、 ChooseSFFILTECH brand manufacturer: SFFILTECH medium efficiency bag filter has stable performance, high filtration efficiency, and low cost, and has received unanimous praise from a large number of buyers.

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