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The Function of Viscous Liquid Filter Bag

June 30,2023

Viscous liquid filter bag is a special filter material, which is mainly used to filter Suspended solids particles and impurities of viscous liquid or high viscosity liquid. It has the following functions:

Filtered liquid:Viscous liquid filter bagscan effectively filter solid particles, impurities, and suspended solids in viscous liquids, maintaining the cleanliness and purity of the liquid.

Separation of solid and liquid: Aviscous liquid filter bagcan separate solid particles from the liquid, improving the quality and transparency of the liquid.

Protective equipment: Solid particles and impurities in viscous liquids may cause damage and blockage to equipment and pipelines. The use of viscous liquid filter bags can effectively prevent these solid particles from entering the equipment and extend its service life.

Improve production efficiency: the use of viscous liquid filter bags can reduce Suspended solids particles and impurities in the liquid, maintain the cleanness of the liquid, thus improving production efficiency and product quality.

Environmental purification: Viscous liquid filter bags can remove pollutants and harmful substances from the liquid, playing a role in environmental purification and protecting the environment and human health.

Viscous liquid filter bags are usually made of filter materials with different materials and filtration accuracy. The specific selection should be based on factors such as liquid properties, viscosity, filtration requirements, etc. to ensure the best filtration effect and long-lasting service life.

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