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The filter effect of folding filter and melt-blown filter is better

October 12,2023

Folding filter and meltblow filter are common filter types, and they have different characteristics in terms of filtration effect:

Folding filter filter effect: Folding filter usually uses efficient filter materials, such as polypropylene, glass fiber, etc., with high filtration accuracy and trapping capacity. They can effectively remove particles, suspended solids, bacteria, viruses and other small particles and pollutants in liquids or gases, providing a high filtration effect.

Melt-blow filter filter effect: melt-blow filter is made of melt spinneret technology, usually made of polypropylene or other melt-plastic materials. The filter effect of melt-blown filter depends on the pore size and distribution of the filter. They are effective at removing larger particles and some visible contaminants, but may be less effective at filtering tiny particles and smaller contaminants such as bacteria and viruses.

In summary, the folded filter element usually has higher filtration accuracy and trapping capacity, which is suitable for application scenarios with higher requirements for fine particles and microorganisms. The melt-blown filter element is more suitable for filtering larger particles and visible pollutants.

When selecting the filter element, the most suitable type of filter element should be selected according to the actual needs and the requirements of the application scenario.

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