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The precision of polyethylene PE filter bag

October 19,2023

The accuracy range of polyethylene (PE) filter bags can vary according to the specific application needs and is usually expressed in microns (μm).

In general, the accuracy range of PE filter bags can include:

1.Coarse filtration PE filter bags usually provide coarse filtration accuracy from tens of microns to hundreds of microns. These bags are suitable for applications that require lower filtration accuracy, such as the removal of larger particles or impurities.

2.Medium filtration PE filter bag medium filtration accuracy is usually between a few microns to ten microns. These filter bags are suitable for effective filtration of small or solid particles in liquids.

3.Fine filtration PE filter bag For applications requiring high precision filtration, PE filter bags can provide finer filtration accuracy, usually below one micron (1μm). This fine filtration can be used where very high liquid purity and particle removal are required.

It is important to note that different manufacturers may provide PE filter bags with different precision ranges, and the specific selection should be determined according to the filtration needs of the application. When selecting filter bags, factors such as the required filtration accuracy, flow rate, liquid type and operating conditions are usually considered. If you need a specific accuracy range of PE filter bags, you can consult the supplier and choose the appropriate product.

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