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The role of dust bag coating

February 29,2024

Dust bag is an important part of industrial dust removal equipment, which plays an important role in dust collection and treatment.

The polyester dust bag is a common material in the dust bag, with excellent wear resistance, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance and other properties, so it has been widely used in various industrial fields.

However, in some cases, polyester dust bags are prone to blockage, short service life and other problems, which not only affects the dust removal effect, but also increases the maintenance cost in the later period. In order to solve these problems, people began to cover polyester dust bags.

The coated polyester dust bag will form a smooth film on its surface, which can effectively prevent the penetration and adhesion of dust. Therefore, when the dust passes through the dust bag, they will stay on the surface of the filter material, rather than deep into the inside of the bag. In this way, the cleaning is more thorough and can effectively prevent the blockage of the dust bag.

In addition, the coated polyester dust filter bag also has the advantages of stable working pressure and long service time. Due to the existence of the film, the air permeability of the cloth bag is improved, thus increasing the dust removal efficiency. At the same time, because the cloth bag is not easy to plug, it can reduce the maintenance and replacement costs in the later period, saving a lot of costs for the enterprise.

In terms of environmental emissions, polyester dust bag coating treatment also has significant advantages. The coated polyester dust bag can achieve almost zero emissions, which meets the environmental protection emission requirements of enterprises. This not only helps to protect the environment, but also can win a good social reputation for the company.

To sum up, the coating treatment of polyester dust bag is very useful. It can not only improve the dust removal efficiency, extend the service life of the cloth bag, reduce the later use cost, but also meet the environmental protection emission requirements of enterprises. Therefore, in the industrial field, the coating treatment of polyester dust bag is a technology worth promoting.

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