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The working principle and application range of fully automatic washable filters

August 19,2023

What is a fully automatic washable filter?

SFFILTECH washable filteris afully automatic cleaning filtering equipment, also known as afully automatic self-cleaning filter, backwash filter, orautomatic sewage filter.

SFFILTECH washable filter has many functions such as descaling, anti scaling, sterilization, and algal killing, with a sterilization rate of over 90%. It is a comprehensive water treatment equipment for the circulating water system.

SFFILTECH washable filter is a specialized filter equipment that uses a filter screen to intercept solid impurities and particles in water, thereby reducing water turbidity and improving water quality. The sewage enters from the inlet and is filtered through coarse and fine filters before flowing to the outlet. During the filtration process, impurities in the water gradually accumulate on the surface of the fine filter screen. Forming a filter impurity layer, as impurities accumulate on the inner side of the fine filter screen, a pressure difference is formed on both sides of the inner and outer sides of the fine filter screen. When the pressure difference reaches the preset value of the system, the automatic cleaning function of the SFFILTECH washable filter is activated. During this time, the water supply to the washable filter is not interrupted, the backwash valve or drain valve is opened, and the sewage is discharged through the drain valve. At this point, a strong backwash water flow is directed towards the outside, and a suction force is generated on the suction nozzle. In addition, when the water flow passes through the hydraulic motor, the pressure of the hydraulic piston decreases, causing the dirt collector to rotate around the shaft and perform axial movement to completely clean the entire inner surface of the fine filter screen. The entire self-cleaning process of the washable filter takes about 10-15 seconds.

What are the application ranges of washable filters?

The application range of SFFILTECH washable filters is very wide, which can be used for filtering industrial water, seawater, food and pharmaceutical light chemical water, circulating water, as well as emulsion regeneration, waste oil, liquid raw materials and other filtration treatments. In the metallurgical and petrochemical industries, as well as in the water supply and drainage and circulating water systems of power plants, as well as in processes involving liquid media filtration, the application of washable filters is becoming increasingly widespread

The emergence of SFFILTECH washable filters is a further development of filtration technology, which has also improved people’s quality of life, ensured people’s health, and improved production efficiency for enterprises. Nowadays, washable filters are becoming more and more well-known and have received unanimous praise. At the same time, SFFILTECH washable filter manufacturers are constantly undergoing technological innovation, striving to provide consumers with higher quality products.

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