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Three Processes for the Plate Type of G4 Primary Efficiency Filter

July 08,2023

The SFFILTECH g4 primary filter plate is used in the ventilation system of ordinary industrial plants to meet the general clean air demand. It plays a huge role in office areas, shopping malls, and scientific research institutions, and is also used as a pre filter for centralized ventilation systems in the pharmaceutical, food, and precision electronics industries. In the intake and exhaust devices of the clean room, it has the effect of filtering air and adsorbing suspended dust particles in the air.

SFFILTECHg4 primary filter plateis mainly used for filtering 5 μ Dust particles above m.SFFILTECH primary filterscome in three styles:plate type air filter, foldable type air filter, andbag type filter. The outer frame materials include paper frame, aluminum frame, and galvanized iron frame. The filtering materials include non-woven fabric, nylon mesh, activated carbon filter material, metal mesh, etc. The protective mesh includes double-sided plastic coated iron wire mesh and double-sided galvanized iron wire mesh.

The common types of G4 primary filter plates can be made into mesh folding plates, aluminum frame keel type, aluminum frame bag type, aluminum frame activated carbon filter screen, and all aluminum mesh. Generally speaking, customers ask more about the sffiltech covered folded plate filter and the sffiltech aluminum frame keel filter, both of which are commonly used in the Dedicated outdoor air system.

Introduction to the characteristics and uses of sffiltech folding filter screen:

Folding style refers to the use of a folding machine to fold filter products in a relatively regular manner through a set height and number of folds, with evenly spaced folds. Why do we need to use a folding style? The main reason is that during the filtration process, folding can effectively increase the filtration area, and attaching metal support to the surface of non-woven fabric can make the structure sturdy and stable, with good versatility, long service life, and low economic cost.

If considering economic benefits, users can choose the folding mesh aluminum frame plate type initial efficiency filter.

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