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Type of normal temperature filter bag

November 19,2022

Filter bags are divided into high-temperature filter bags, medium temperature filter bags and normal temperature filter bags. Generally, the filter bag with a temperature lower than 130 ℃ is a normal temperature filter bag.

The types ofnormal temperature filter bagsare as follows:

1. The polyester filter bag uses high-quality fine denier big chemical fiber yarn to produce polyester (polyester) fiber needled filter felt with advanced equipment, which can evenly and quantitatively mix a variety of fiber materials, and then multiple cotton blending units and carding units are used to facilitate the lamination and lamination of different fibers between the fiber meshes and the gradient change.

Polyester dust collection bag has the advantages of high porosity, good air permeability, high dust collection efficiency, long service life, etc. unique to ordinary felt filter cloth. Because the temperature resistance of the bag is moderate, it is commonly used below 130 ℃, and its temperature can reach 150 ℃ instantly. It is acid resistant and alkali resistant, and has very good wear resistance, so it is a large variety of needle punched felt filter materials.

Product advantages: The surface smoothness of polyester bag filter material is better than that of fabric with small air permeability when using fabric with large air permeability as filter bag. Therefore, the air permeability and surface smoothness of the filter material are improved, the dust adhesion is reduced and the running resistance is reduced under the condition of ensuring that the dust removal filter material reaches a higher filtering accuracy.

2.Polypropylene needle felt filter bagis mainly made of polypropylene fiber. In addition to some advantages of ordinary needle punched filter felt, polypropylene fiber has better acid resistance, alkali resistance and lower softening point than polyester fiber, so polypropylene fiber needle punched filter felt is generally used in occasions with flue gas temperature below 100 ℃ and high acid and alkalinity or liquid-solid separation fields with high acid and alkalinity.

The material of filter bag shall be determined according to the specific working conditions of the manufacturer. To learn more about polypropylene and polyester, please pay attention to Shanghai Sffiltech Co., Ltd

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