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Types and Classification of Filters Housing

May 12,2022

How to choose the appropriate filter housing? The type selection of filter housing can be selected according to classification and function, so before selection, it is necessary to understand the classification of filter and the function of each type of filter. And we have to choose the leadingbag filter housing manufacturer.


There are many types of filters housing and classification methods. The following classification methods are provided to help:


Filter housing classification


  1. According to the type of filter material, the filter housing can be divided into: filter element filter, bag filter housing, demineralized water filter housing, activated carbon filter housing, quartz sand filter housing, fiber filter housing, manganese sand filter housing, iron and manganese removal filter housing, etc;


  1. Filters housing can be divided into: self-cleaning filter housing, automatic filter housing, brush filter housing, elastic filter housing, etc;


  1. Filters housing can be divided into: security filter housing, bag filter housing, mechanical filter housing, stainless steel ozone mixing tower filter housing, stainless steel tank filter housing, stainless steel mixed bed filter housing, single-stage filter housing, two-stage / two-stage filter housing, three-stage filter housing, differential pressure filter housing, etc.


After knowing the classification of filters housing, you can have a general understanding of filters, but it is not enough to select appropriate filters. You also need to know the corresponding functional characteristics,



Functional features of filter housing:


  1. Precision filter housing, which filters solid suspended solids and other impurities through high-precision filter element, has high filtering accuracy, is simple and easy to use, and the filter element can be replaced and cleaned easily;
  2. Bag filter housing is generally made of stainless steel tank, which is strong and durable. The filter bag has a variety of materials and different functions. It is generally used to filter small particle size solid suspended solids, colloids and other impurities in the pre-treatment process of water treatment system;
  3. Activated carbon filter housing is generally used to adsorb organic matter, pigment, etc;
  4. Softened water filter housing is generally used to reduce the hardness of water;
  5. High efficiency filters housing such as quartz sand filter, manganese sand filter; mechanical filter and carbon steel filter are generally used to efficiently filter solid impurities in large flow water.



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