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Types and advantages of polyester needle felt

October 22,2022

Types and advantages of polyester needle felt
1.Polyester needle punched felt bag
In addition to the advantages of high porosity, good air permeability, high dust collection efficiency, long service life, etc., the polyester needle punched felt dust removal cloth bag is a large type of felt filter material due to its moderate temperature resistance, which can reach 120 ℃ instantly, moderate acid and alkali resistance, and very good wear resistance.
2.Anti-static polyester needle felt
Acid and alkali resistant. The abrasion resistance, corrosion resistance and recovery are very good, and the electrical conductivity is very poor. Heat resistance: 130 ℃, breaking elongation (%): 20-50, breaking strength (g/d): 438. Melting point (℃): 238-240, melting point (℃): 255-260. Specific gravity: 1.38. Polyester anti-static needle punched felt has smooth surface, good abrasion resistance and high strength. It has higher strength and better abrasion resistance after twisting, so the fabric has good air permeability, fast water leakage and convenient cleaning.
3.Film coated polyester needle felt
Features of coated polyester needle felt: large air permeability, low resistance, good filtering efficiency, large dust capacity, and high dust stripping rate are the best filter materials for bacteria and dust removal. Polyester felt and PET coated can be made into various filter bags, filter cartridges and filters, which are widely used in the treatment and recovery of smoke and dust particles in cement, metallurgy, food, coating, petrochemical plastics and other industrial fields.
4.Water and oil repellent polyester needle felt
The polyester needle felt waterproof, oil proof and dust removal cloth bag can effectively prevent the adhesion and penetration of water and various oil contaminants. Compared with ordinary filter materials, it not only has the characteristics of water and oil repellency, but also has the properties of anti caking and easy peeling for dust. The dust entering the bag type dust remover contains more moisture and oil, moisture absorption and deliquescence prone dust, which may form a water film on the dust surface to increase the adhesion.
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