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Usage temperature of acid and alkali resistant PPS needle felt filter bag

July 08,2023

Acid and alkali resistant PPS needle felt filter bags are made from polyphenylene sulfide (PPS) fibers and are one of the main varieties of high-temperature dust removal and filtration materials. Long term working temperature 160 ℃, short term working temperature 190 ℃, melting point 285 ℃. Suitable for situations with an oxygen content of 15% or less. Oxides containing sulfur in fuel or flue gas have been proven to be fibers with strong resistance to acid and alkali corrosion and chemical resistance. In the presence of moisture in the flue, PPS filter bags have excellent performance records under industrial and mining conditions at temperatures ranging from 190 ℃ to 232 ℃. PPS fibers have intact strength retention and inherent chemical resistance, which can maintain good filtration performance in harsh environments and achieve ideal service life. PPS filter felt is an ideal filter material in pulse dust removers for filtering coal-fired boilers, Incineration furnaces, and dust collection and treatment of fly ash in power plants.

Technical parameters of acid and alkali resistant PPS needle felt filter bag:

Ingredients: Polyphenylene sulfide (PPS) fiber/PPS filament base cloth PPS fiber/glass fiber base cloth
Gram weight (g/m2): 450 500 550 to 800
Thickness (mm): 1.6 1.8 2.0 2.0
Air permeability (m3/min): 18 15 12 8-15
Breaking strength (N/5 × 20cm)
Breaking elongation (%)
MeridianLatitudeBreaking strength (MPa/min): 2.7 2.60 2.45 3.10
Continuous working temperature (℃): ≤ 190
Short time working temperature (℃): 232
Acid resistance: excellent
Alkali resistance: excellent
Wear resistance: excellent
Hydrolysis stability: excellent
Water level (water temperature 27 ℃, relative humidity 20%): Level 5 AATTCC100
Post treatment methods: high-temperature hot pressing and singeing, water repellent, oil resistant treatment, coating singeing, calendering, water repellent and oil resistant treatment, coating

Acid and alkali resistant PPS needle felt dust removal bag derivatives includePPS+PTFE composite dust filter bag,film covered PPS bag,PPS Microfiber filter bag,waterproof and oil resistant PPS filter bag, etc.

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