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V-type HEPA filter can withstand high air volume

January 23,2024

In the category of high efficiency air filter,V-type high efficiency air filter is a high-efficiency air filter with large load, suitable for constant air flow and variable air flow system, specially designed thermoplastic insulation can ensure the same layer spacing, ensure that the air flow with minimal resistance through, at the same time, this design can increase the filter material area, thereby reducing energy consumption. Save running costs.

The compact filter product is characterized by the ability to capture 0.3um dust particles, the efficiency is very high, reaching more than 99.99%, can withstand the wind it uses high-quality materials, unique frame structure, can better reduce the resistance. Its compact structure, with a unique seamless sealing technology, full of elasticity, not easy to deformation and fall off, this filter is the central air conditioning and centralized ventilation system common filter varieties.

The structure design of V-type air filter is reasonable, and the design structure is perfect through the production of professional manufacturers. Its small size, compact structure, in most filters, its space is relatively small, can save a lot of space.

There are many advantages of choosing a compact filter, not only can save space, but also simple and convenient to use, is a filter worth choosing.

Its design can ensure that the flow with little resistance through, very durable, long use time, strong, good stability, the filtration principle is the use of adsorption method, its commonly used filter material is ultrafine polypropylene fiber material. Its characteristics are conducive to the protection of the environment and the disposal of waste.

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