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What about pleated filter bags? How to prolong the service life of pleated filter bag?

April 01,2022

What about pleated filter bags? How to prolong the service life of pleated filter bag? Different particles come together, and the particles and dust adhere to each other. When filtering the blocked adhesive bag material, the impact change chemicals will affect the strength due to the contents. As soon as it came out of the bag, steam and dust came out of the bag.


Poor barrier


The pleated filter bag forms an outer layer through acid filtration, which can also filter smaller dust particles. Therefore, for filtration, the length of pleated filter bag is often a good choice.


Then, how to prolong the service life of pleated filter bags can be done as follows:


1. Select appropriate filter material


  1. The selection of filter materials shall be based on the temperature and chemical characteristics of the gas; comprehensively consider the particle size, weight, shape, grinding capacity, dust concentration, filtration speed, ash removal mode, emission concentration and working system of bag filter.


OEM Dust removal pleated filter bag


  1. Under normal conditions, the pulse jet pleated filter bag adopts needle felt; The chamber back blowing bag type pleated filter bag or mechanical vibration pleated filter bag shall be woven fabric.


2. On demand structure


  1. The structure of pleated filter bag shall meet the filtering and cleaning requirements of supporting bag filter, with convenient installation and good sealing. The filter bag shall pursue the corresponding filtering area and good filtering state to facilitate cleaning and avoid wear as much as possible. Fair coordination with relevant components.


  1. If the external filtering synthetic fiber filter bag should be loosely matched with the frame, the external filtering glass fiber filter bag should be closely matched with the vertical bar frame with small spacing; The expansion force of the internal filter bag shall be considered and set.


3. Product sewing technology


  1. The process is excellent, the sewing size meets the design requirements, and the heat shrinkage size is reserved according to the filter material variety and service temperature;


  1. The equipment is diverse, the needle distance is reasonable, there is no needle skipping or thread breakage, and the pins meet the requirements;


  1. The accessories are excellent, the coordination is reasonable, and there is no burr or damage to the filter bag;


  1. The whole filter bag is free of pinholes, yarn skipping, dirt and other defects. Properly packed to prevent damage or moisture during storage and transportation. The glass fiber filter bag should not bear too much pressure and should not be stored for too long; otherwise it will affect the service life.


During the operation of pleated filter bag, sudden abnormal conditions shall be prevented, such as sudden rise of gas temperature, entry of corrosive gas, or sudden drop of gas temperature below dew point, etc. Factors such as temperature, humidity, chemical aggressiveness, mechanical wear or impact beyond bag tolerances can damage these filters.


Pleated filter bags have brought a lot of convenience to our industry, and the length of products is often good. If you want to know more about pleated filter bags, you can contact. It is themanufacturer of pleated filter bag, and has a specific understanding of the characteristics and application methods of pleated filter bag.


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