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What are industrial bag filters for?

January 13,2023

Industrial filter bags are divided into two categories: filter bags for air dust collection and filter bags for liquid separation.

What are industrial dust collection bag filters for?

The dust removal bag is a new type of industrial dust removal material, which is made by a special process. It has a variety of functions such as soft texture, strong adsorption, high decontamination rate, and no fiber loss. It has good ventilation performance, high dust removal effect, easy dust removal, and has certain acid, alkali and heat resistance. It is an essential filter guarantee for industrial dust collectors, and can effectively remove dust pollution generated in industrial production process, Make the atmospheric emission meet the national standard.

The selection of dust removal bag should consider:

Temperature, humidity and chemistry, dust concentration, wind speed, dust removal method and other factors.


Dust removal bags are widely used in dust removal equipment in steel plants, power plants, cement plants, carbon black plants and other industries, and play an important role in reducing dust emissions and protecting the atmosphere.

What are industrial liquid bag filters for?

Non-woven fabric filter bag is a kind of liquid filter bag. Non-woven fabric filter bag is a kind of filter bag in the form of deep filtration. The whole direction of the filter layer is made of fiber to form a three-dimensional loose porous structure, from loose to dense from inside to outside, forming a gradient filtration, which can improve the liquid flux and impurity holding capacity. The surface of needled felt is treated by singeing, calendering and other processes to avoid fiber shedding and secondary pollution. No silicone oil, no chemical release.

Application of non-woven filter bag:

The filtration of various medium-low viscosity fluids, such as petrochemical industry, automobile manufacturing, paint coating adhesive, paint, electronic technology, metal processing, water treatment, food and beverage, has excellent filtration effect for various types of impurities.

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