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What are the 3 basic methods of filtering?

January 18,2023

In the process of water purification, we can use three different filtration principles and methods, namely biological filtration, mechanical filtration and chemical filtration.

The biological filtration method mainly refers to the cultivation of heterotrophic bacteria (anaerobic bacteria) and aerobic bacteria (autotrophic bacteria) that do not depend on oxygen in the biological circulating filtration system, so as to make the feed water quality reach the perfect and ideal level by the action of oxidative decomposition and reductive decomposition, so it is called biological filtration. In addition to the application of biological filtration in the breeding of colorful immortals, this method must also be used in the breeding of marine ornamental fish.

The culture of biological filtration system needs a long time to take effect, at least one week to one month. At the initial stage, liquid nitrogen and other fertilizers should be added to the biological filtration system, or a dead fish should be put in to rot and ferment to provide nutrients for nitrifying bacteria. At the same time, the water in the filter bed is aerated to promote the proliferation of nitrifying bacteria and make the biological filtration system mature as soon as possible. Once the biological filtration system is formed, the physical and chemical indicators of water in the aquarium can reach the perfect standard, the water quality is clear and stable, and the fish life is good.

The mechanical filtration method uses physical methods to separate the tiny substances suspended in the aquarium from the circulating water. The mechanical filtration is only a kind of coarse filtration, which can also play the role of biological filtration to a certain extent according to the different selection of filtering materials. This method uses different types of submersible pumps, pipeline pumps, filter pumps and small filters as the water quality circulating power. After the water passes through the filtration of the filter material and the biochemical action of nitrifying bacteria on the filter material, the turbid water can become clear in a short time, which has become a widely used method in the aquarium.

Chemical filtration is mainly used to remove organic nitrogen compounds in water, increase dissolved oxygen in water, and ensure the ecological balance of nitrifying bacteria in biological filtration system. This method mainly refers to activated carbon filtration method and ion-exchange resin filtration foam fractionator filtration method. It uses the unique adsorption capacity of filter materials to achieve the purpose of controlling water quality, and is a common filtration method in aquarium.

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