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What are the advantages and differences of basket filter and bag filter?

May 14,2022

Advantages of basket filter:

Basket filter is mainly composed of connecting pipe, main pipe, fastener and other parts. Basket filter is developed to filter small solids mixed in the medium. Because of its simple structure and convenient disassembly, maintenance and repair, the production of the enterprise is smooth. The important reason why basket filter is different from other filters is its simple structure and convenient use. Therefore, it can be divided into single cylinder duplex filter and single cylinder high-low filter. The performance of any filter is consistent. The specific selection is customized according to the requirements of customers.


Advantages of bag filter housing:

Compact structure, convenient installation, simple operation and small installation area. Good filtering effect, suitable for fine particles or suspended solids, and the filtering range can be 0.5 ~ 840. The use efficiency of the filter bag is 5 ~ 10 times that of the filter bag. Excess can greatly reduce the requirement of 1 ~ 500m / h and the cost is low. It can be used for preliminary filtration, precision filtration and terminal filtration. For the same filtering effect, compared with plate filter and filter, it has the advantages of low setting, long service life and low maintenance cost for bag filter housing. If you need to purchase bag filter housing and are looking for a suitablebag filter housing manufacturer, you might as well take a look at Shanghai Sffiltech.


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