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What are the advantages and disadvantages of bag filter?

January 13,2023

The dust filter bag is an important accessory of the bag filter, so it is very important to select the dust filter bag, especially the high-temperature dust filter bag. Because there are too many high-temperature dust filter bags, each has its own advantages, so the selection is very important.

The wear of dust filter bag is mainly related to the design and application, manufacturing and installation quality of dust collector. The wear process starts locally, but as long as a small wear hole is formed, it will spread rapidly, leading to larger filter bag damage. Therefore, strengthening inspection, detection and early detection of small wear during operation are also important factors to avoid large filter bag wear. The high-temperature dust removal bag has the characteristics of high temperature resistance, high strength, acid and alkali corrosion resistance, wear resistance, folding resistance, etc.

Application of high-temperature resistant filter bag

High-temperature dust-resistant bags are widely used in iron and steel plants, cement plants, power plants, nonferrous metal smelting, carbon black plants, chemical plants, garbage incinerators, asphalt concrete mixing plants, food processing plants, wood processing, high-temperature dust-resistant bags through different surface chemical treatment and impregnation of PTFE and other post-treatment technologies also have the characteristics of easy dust removal, water and oil prevention; High-temperature dust-resistant cloth bag is applicable to series products at different temperature ranges of 150-200 ℃, 200-250 ℃ and 250-300 ℃.

Advantages and disadvantages of high-temperature resistant filter bag

Compared with the glass fiber filter material, the wear resistance, bending resistance and peeling strength of the high-temperature dust-resistant cloth bag are significantly improved, and it can withstand higher filtering load. The filtration speed can reach more than 1.0m/min, and the operation resistance is low. Compared with synthetic chemical fiber high temperature resistant filter material, high temperature resistant dust removal bag overcomes the weakness of chemical fiber filter material such as large elongation, large deformation, low temperature resistance and poor corrosion resistance; Good dimensional stability, good strength and lower price than other high-temperature resistant chemical fibers.

The selection of dust collection filter bag is very important, which directly affects the dust collection effect of the dust collector. The selection of dust collection filter bag is mainly based on gas temperature, humidity and chemical properties, particle size, dust concentration, filtering wind speed and dust removal method. The dust removal bag is generally divided into pulse dust collection filter bag, vibration dust collection filter bag and blowback dust collection filter bag.

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