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What are the advantages of G4 primary air filter

October 09,2023

The G4 primary air filter is also slightly different from other filters. The principle of the purification primary air filter is the absorption method, which can achieve greater air purification. Moreover, its filtering effect is particularly significant. It not only has a particularly large filtering area, but also has low usage resistance, which is deeply loved by users.

The G4 primary air filter has strong stability.

From a material perspective, the use of ultrafine polypropylene fiber material meets the environmental requirements of the market and can be used for a long time after purchase. Overall, the cost-effectiveness is very high. After scrapping, it can be incinerated, greatly reducing production costs and avoiding damage during use.

The current purification primary filter has a high sales volume in the market, with different specifications, including middle and high school filters. This filter has a wide range of applications. Firstly, it has significant applications in central air conditioning, and secondly, it can be used in filtration systems such as central ventilation systems. Some users use it in clean return air systems with good results.

Good versatility is a major advantage of primary filter equipment. Different consumers have different needs for the device's usage occasions and methods, resulting in poor versatility and limited user base. For customers, devices with good versatility can be more fully utilized.

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