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What are the advantages of PTFE filter bag and how to prolong its service life?

April 18,2022

It is believed that many people are familiar with PTFE filter bags, which are used by many enterprises and are usually used for industrial dust filtration. Because the durability of PTFE filter bag is very good and can adapt to various harsh environments, it can be used as a dust removal bag for waste incineration. So, what are the advantages of PTFE filter bag? How to prolong the service life? Let’s give you a brief introduction.


1. Advantages of PTFE filter bag


  1. Good dust removal effect

Using PTFE filter bag, its dust removal effect is very good. It is mainly used by combining the film and needle felt through the process of thermal film coating. Therefore, its surface will be very smooth, and the effect of filtration rate is also very good.


  1. Wide use environment

Because this PTFE filter bag has strong high temperature resistance and chemical resistance, it has a very good dust removal effect for some high concentration and fine dust removal.


  1. Good air permeability

The PTFE filter bag made of high-temperature resistant material can directly penetrate gas, and the penetration amount reaches 3 ~ 7 cubic meters, far exceeding the actual use requirements.


2. Problems in the installation of PTFE filter bag


When installing PTFE filter bags, there are usually some problems, which will damage the filter bags and reduce theservice life of the ptfe filter bags. At this time, we need to install according to the normal mode. If the installation quality does not meet the requirements, we must test according to the specified standards, so as to ensure the normal use of the filter bags. At the same time, because the materials of many filter bags are not uniform, the raw materials produced by the same manufacturer should also be selected as much as possible when purchasing the raw materials of filter bags.


3. How to prolong the service life of PTFE filter bag?


In fact, it is very simple to prolong the service life of the filter bag. You only need to operate according to the corresponding standards. Because the dust removal cloth bag has strong exercise ability, and its change rate can reach less than 10%, when using the filter bag, the filter wind speed and pressure should be considered as much as possible to keep it at the preliminary design level. If the above conditions are met, the service life of the filter bag can be extended by 1 ~ 1.5 years.


The above is about how to prolong the service life of PTFE filter bag. When using it, it must be operated according to the correct mode. In case of improper operation, there will be potential safety hazards in the green bag, which will shorten the service life of the filter bag. At the same time, the filter bag should be maintained regularly, so as to make the filter bag work better and improve the operating profit of the enterprise. Shanghai Sanfan-the leadingmanufacturer of ptfe filter bag.


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