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What are the advantages of SFFILTECH FMS filter bag?

September 17,2022

SFFILTECH FMS filter bag has the following advantages:
1. Excellent temperature resistance, up to 260 degrees.
2. Wear resistance, bending resistance and folding resistance
3. The mechanical strength is significantly improved.
4. The initial resistance and running resistance decrease.
5. The filtration efficiency is improved.
6. The filtering wind speed is increased.
7. The service life is significantly improved.
8. Improved adaptability to dust.

Why ChooseSffiltech filter bag?
1.product reliability
2.technical support for the lifetime of the filter bags
3.Big stock for order supply stable
4.Mass production supply with so many years’ experience
5.Each test for each order by our test person
Mainly products for SFFILTECH filtration:
Needle punched felt and also the fabric :
polyester felt, polypropylene felt, acrylic felt, aramid felt, P84 felt, glass-fiber fabric, PTFE felt and also the ptfe fabric, multi-fibers felt are widely used in dust separation & filtration fields. With professional treatment of water & oil repellent, antistatic, PTFE coating, Teflon latex pregnancy, PTFE membrane lamination, silicon & graphic and so on.
PTFE thread
Fiberglass fabric
Sffiltech is a leadingfms filter bags manufacturerin China.

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