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What are the advantages of customized bag non-woven air filter?

March 03,2023

Bag type non-woven air filter can be used for intermediate filtration of air conditioning system, to protect the system in the lower filter and the system itself, in the place of air purification and cleanliness requirements are not strict, the air treated by the medium effect filter can be directly sent to the household, in order to meet the use of different industries, bag type air filter models complete can also be customized, This is also the service characteristics of SFFILTECH, has solved the actual needs of customers, the specific use of advantages for you to explain in detail: (medium effect bag air filter manufacturer)
Bag type non-woven air filter
Bag type non-woven air filter model is complete, using high quality synthetic fiber or imported glass fiber as filter material, aluminum alloy profile frame, internal spray cold-drawn wire support frame. Because of its good air tightness, stable performance and long service life, it is favored by some hospitals, food, electronics and other industries. (Medium effect bag air filter manufacturer)
Medium effect bag type air filter filter material is composed of a unique non-falling, waterproof, and the surface and inner layer of layered artificial fiber, the first layer to capture the larger and more appropriate particles in the air, the finer of the first layer to enhance the stability of the road and prevent small dust floating in the air, This double-layer discharge design ensures low initial resistance and high dust capacity, and prolongs the service life of the filter (manufacturer of mid-effect bag air filters)
Characteristics of bag type non-woven air filter:
Bag type air filter model can be customized, each filter bag edge adopts ultrasonic mode melting table, has good air tightness and bonding strength, will not produce leakage or rupture; Medium effect bag filter can capture 1-5μm of particulate dust and various suspended matter; Each filter bag is evenly distributed in the bag width, to prevent excessive expansion of the bag under wind pressure, mutual shelter, reduce the effective filtration area and efficiency; The filter material is made of microfine synthetic fiber with special weaving process, to avoid the discomfort of old glass fiber materials may cause to the human body; The filter material of medium-effect bag filter contains electrostatic fiber, which has excellent filtering efficiency for sub-micron powder. It has the characteristics of high efficiency dust catching capacity, high dust load, high air permeability and high service life.
Bag type non-woven air filter (medium effect bag type air filter manufacturer)
Air filter is recognized by more and more people, it improves air quality and ensures people’s health, and has been widely used, such as medicine, food and other industries are inseparable from all kinds of efficiency filter

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