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What are the advantages of glass fiber filter bags?

February 04,2024

Glass fiber filter bag is a device for the separation and filtration of solid liquids and has many advantages. Here are some of the main advantages of glass fiber filter bags:

High temperature resistance: The maximum use temperature of glass fiber filter material after chemical treatment of the surface can reach 280 ° C, which is very suitable for dust removal projects. Therefore, at present and in the future, glass fiber is still an important high temperature filtration material.

Chemical stability:Glass fiber filter bag has good chemical stability and can withstand many corrosive chemicals, making it suitable for a variety of chemical industry filtration needs. At present, the commonly used glass fiber is divided into two kinds: alkali free and alkali. Alkali-free E glass fiber is highly stable to water, wet air and weak alkali solutions at room temperature, but it is not resistant to acid and alkali attack with higher solubility. Alkali fiber has good water resistance and acid resistance, therefore, it is necessary to select different components of glass fiber as filter material according to the properties of the introduction, in order to play a better effect.

High strength: Glass fiber is a high strength material, so that the filter bag can withstand a certain mechanical stress and stretching, helping to improve the service life of the filter bag. Its tensile strength is higher than other natural and synthetic fibers, and the elongation is only 2%-3%, which is enough to ensure that the filter bag with a large length-to-diameter ratio designed and made by it has sufficient tensile strength and dimensional stability.

Fineness and efficiency: Glass fiber filter bags can be manufactured into products of different fineness and efficiency, which can meet the filtration needs of different particulate matter and solid particle sizes. The surface of the glass filter material is smooth, and the filtration resistance is small, which is conducive to dust stripping. It does not burn or deform.

Low resistance:Fiberglass filter bags typically have low resistance, helping to improve the efficiency of the filtration system and reduce energy consumption.

Easy to clean and recyclable: Some types of fiberglass filter bags can be cleaned and reused, reducing maintenance costs and waste generation. The glass fiber fabric without surface chemical modification treatment can not meet the requirements of high temperature filter media, so its performance depends largely on the surface treatment process, formula and fabric structure.

Moisture resistance: Glass fiber filter bag has good adaptability to wet environment, is not easy to be deformed by moisture, and maintains stable filtration performance.

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