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What are the advantages of high efficiency and large flow filter bag – nylon monofilament filter bag?

December 30,2022

Nylon monofilament filter bag is a kind of filter bag made of high-strength nylon woven mesh as raw material and sewing process. In the process of production, it adopts unique edge wrapping or lining non-woven fabric technology, and its filtering accuracy range is maintained at 25-2500 mm. According to the specific use scenario, the bag mouth can choose to use stainless steel ring, galvanized steel ring or PE/PP engineering plastic seal ring.

Advantages of nylon monofilament filter bag:

1. The precision of nylon monofilament filter bag is much higher than that of ordinary filter bag. During the filtering process, impurities can be directly intercepted on the material surface, with large effective filtering area and better filtering effect;

2. Because nylon is used, the corrosion resistance of nylon monofilament filter bag is better than that of ordinary materials, and it has good toughness, high elasticity and is not easy to be damaged;

3. The filtration method of nylon monofilament filter bag is surface filtration. The nylon material has smooth surface, which is not easy to hide dirt and dirt, and is convenient for cleaning. It can be used repeatedly to reduce unnecessary material loss;

4. The filter bag mouth is generally made of steel ring or engineering plastic, so the sealing effect is good, and it can be made after specific measurement as required to prevent leakage during the filtering process;

5. Nylon material has better insulation. It is found that compared with ordinary filter bags, nylon monofilament filter bags have a longer service life, avoiding frequent replacement of filter bags due to material damage.

SFFILTECH nylon monofilament filter bags are currently widely used in food industry, urban water supply, industrial water purification and other industries, with high safety performance and environmental protection. At the same time, there is also good feedback on the use of petrochemical, electroplating liquid filtration and other aspects. In general, nylon monofilament filter bags are widely used in liquid filtration, with high application rate, and are a good choice in industrial filtration products.

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