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What are the advantages of high temperature dust bag in use?

September 06,2022

What are the advantages of high temperature dust bag in use
Thehigh-temperature dust removal bagis covered with a special film that makes the filtration more detailed, so that the dust removal efficiency of the dust removal bag is higher and the application life is longer. There are several obvious advantages of plastic coated bags:
1. Under normal circumstances, the filtration situation ofindustrial dust removal cloth bagsis deep filtration, and through the process, a dust layer is formed outside the dust removal cloth bag to reach the useful filtration. The time from the beginning of filtration to the formation of useful filtration is relatively long, accounting for about 10% of the total filtration process time. The resistance is large, the filtration efficiency is low, the retention is incomplete, and the pressure during filtration and back blowing is relatively high. The ash cleaning frequency is high, the energy consumption is high, the application life is not long, and the equipment covers a large area. For the dust removal cloth bag made of coated filter material, the dust cannot enter the cloth bag. It is close to the outside for filtration. Whether it is coarse or fine dust, it is almost blocked outside the filter material. There is no initial filtration period, and it is indirectly useful for filtration. Nearly 100% of the time is in the filtering state.
2. Long service life. No matter what kind of ash cleaning mechanism is adopted, the film covered filter material can exert good functions. It is a kind of filter material that can fully exert the filtering effect of the planned efficiency of the dust collector. So the cost is expensive. The membrane covered filter material is a soft and tough organizational structure, with sufficient mechanical strength and ash removal property, which reduces the ash removal strength. Under the loss of low and stable pressure, it can be used for a long time and extend the life of the filter bag.
3. High pressure and high-throughput are continuous things. Once the traditional deep filtration filter material is put into use, the dust penetrates and establishes a dust layer, and the permeability will drop rapidly. During filtration, the dust accumulated outside forms a choking sign, which increases the resistance of the dust removal equipment. The membrane filter material has a fine pore size and its lower viscosity, so that the dust penetration rate is close to zero. When it is put into use, it provides good filtration efficiency. When the filtered material accumulated outside the membrane filter material reaches a certain thickness, it will be scattered and easy to remove the dust, so that the filtration pressure is always kept at a low level, and the atmosphere flow is always kept at a high level, which is a sustainable thing.
4. Easy ash removal. The loss of operating pressure of any filter material is indirectly determined by the amount of dust remaining or remaining outside the filter material after ash removal, and whether the time for ash removal is right or wrong (it takes only a few seconds for the coated filter material). It has exceptionally good ash removal characteristics. Each time, the dust layer can be completely removed, and the external part of the filter material will not form infarction, and the porosity and quality density will not be changed. It can often be maintained at high pressure loss.
It is necessary to note that although the membrane coated filter material has various advantages, it is not suitable for filtering the exhaust gas with high abrasive property of dust. Because the dust with sharp edges and corners will puncture the membrane and fall outside for filtration.
We also have other high-temperature dust removal bag, such ascentigrade mix cloth FMS filter bag,etc.Please contact the filter manufacturer if you require.

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