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What are the advantages of liquid filter bags?

August 16,2022

1. Stainless steel welding technology is generally used forliquid filter bags. The horizontal error is less than 0.2mm, so that the sealing degree can be increased when it is installed in the equipment. In addition, the probability of side leakage can be reduced, and the diameter error of the filter bag is less than 0.5mm.

2. The label indicating the product specification and model on the filter bag shall be easy to replace, so as to prevent the pollution of the filter bag label and ink on the filtrate during use.

3. Generally speaking, the products are produced by high-speed industrial sewing machines without silicon oil cooling, because this production form will not cause silicon oil pollution.

4. The filtration accuracy is planned to be between 0.5 and 300 microns. The materials are divided into polyester, polypropylene and nylon. Generally speaking, liquid filter bag products can be used in industrial liquids, such as ink, electroplating paint, chemical, food and other chemical liquids. Acid resistance and low mechanical strength of the fiber can also be reused.

In addition, the liquid filter bag ring mouth can have stainless steel ring mouth, PP ring mouth and PE plastic ring mouth, including various bag bottom and bag top plans. The filtrate filter head of the liquid filter bag is specially singed, which can not only prevent the fiber from separating and polluting the filtrate, but also prevent the filter hole from being blocked by the traditional roller treatment and shorten the life of the filter bag.

All materials are white without any special bleaching and dyeing treatment, which conforms to the environmental protection standard. Moreover, due to the three-dimensional filter layer of needle felt, when the liquid flows through the filter bag, the particles will stay on the inner wall surface and deep layer of the liquid filter bag due to the deep filtration mechanism, and have high trapping power for solid or colloidal particles. The needle felt has uniform thickness, stable opening rate and sufficient strength to make the filter bag power stable and use longer. Five thread double needle tight sewing ensures that each liquid filter bag can reach a good filtration guarantee. Wide use planning, suitable for liquid filtration in various industries.
We also have other liquid filter bags products, such asoil absorbing filter sockandring filter bagproducts are popular.

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