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What are the advantages of multi bag filter?

November 30,2021

The liquid multi bag filter is a new type of filtration system. The liquid multi bag filter is supported by a net basket made of perforated plate. The liquid flows in from the water inlet and flows out after being filtered by the liquid filter bag. The impurities are blocked in the liquid filter bag, and the liquid filter bag can be replaced or cleaned.

From the top cover locking device, the multi bag filter is divided into two types: eyebolt and V-shaped hoop. From the top cover opening mode, it is divided into spring force arm assisted opening type and vertical lifting and translation type. The spring force arm assisted V-shaped hoop quick opening filter is especially suitable for the working conditions where the filter elements need to be replaced frequently or the filter elements need to be switched quickly. Its opening operation takes only 30 seconds, which greatly improves the working efficiency. The unique three-point pressure ring design ensures a good seal between the filter and the filter bag. Multi bag filter is suitable for occasions with large flow and large solid content. The number of filter bags in the filter can be increased from 3 to 24.

The rocker arm multi bag filter is designed for high pollution capacity or large flow filtration. It provides a conventional 2-12 bag multi bag design. If required, a single machine can have up to 24 bags. It has a quick opening design and is equipped with an upper cover to assist in lifting the boom. 0.5m2 filter bags or 1.0m2 filter bag can be installed!

The multi bag filter adopts the traditional bolt locking mechanism, which is safe and reliable. Rocker screw lifting upper head, economical and practical. The internal seal adopts independent sealing structure to ensure 100% no side leakage.

The quick opening multi bag filter is specially designed for users who pay attention to efficiency, safety and durability. For filtering liquids with high impurity content, JQD quick opening bag filter is a sharp tool to greatly improve production efficiency, either in the case of frequent replacement of filter bags, or in the case of rapid switching of filters for 24-hour continuous production, or for large factories with multiple large bag filters, It can quickly replace the filter bag and reduce the labor intensity of operators. The “front speed” opening and closing device can also be used for basket and core filters.

Design features of liquid multi bag filter:

◆ humanized design, long rotating rod V-shaped hoop locking, only 30 seconds to open

◆ the cover can be opened horizontally and vertically, which can meet the requirements of the use site

◆ the spring force arm assists the opening mechanism, so that the top cover can be opened easily and labor-saving, and can be operated with one hand

◆ the unique three-point pressing device ensures good sealing of the filter bag to avoid liquid side leakage

◆ flow from 120 m3 / h to 960 m3 / h

◆ it can meet the Chinese gb-150, international ASME and CE pressure vessel approval standards for production and supply

Liquid multi bag filter configuration options:

◆ JIS flange, DIN flange, ANSI flange, cable connection (internal thread interface)

◆ the inlet and outlet direction can be designed according to the customer’s site pipeline position

◆ hollow floating balls can be installed in the filter bag to divert and control the amount of residual filtrate in the filter bag

◆ add a magnetic rod assembly in the filter bag, which can adsorb metal particles

◆ the filter is equipped with a heating jacket, which can improve the filtration efficiency for highly viscous liquid

◆ the sealing ring is made of a variety of materials: nitrile rubber (NBR), ethylene propylene diene monomer (EPDM), Viton and polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE), which can be applied to different media

Typical application of liquid multi bag filter:

Applicable industries: fine chemical industry, water treatment, papermaking, automobile industry, petroleum and petrochemical, machining, coating, electronics, etc

Applicable liquid type: various liquids containing trace impurities, with wide applicability

Main functions: remove particles of various sizes, purify liquid and protect key equipment

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