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What are the advantages of using aluminum frame primary filters?

August 10,2023

Aluminum frame primary filters are widely used in the primary filtration stage of ventilation systems in industrial, commercial, and civil buildings due to their reusability, ease of installation, low resistance, and high dust content.

What are the advantages of commonly used aluminum frame primary air filters?

1. Aluminum frame, sturdy and lightweight, easy to install and disassemble: The aluminum frame primary filter adopts surface aluminum extruded profiles, supplemented by a filter material skeleton, with a compact overall structure, light weight, and easy to install and disassemble.

2. High quality filter material, reasonable design, high dust capacity, low resistance: Made of high-quality polyester synthetic fiber, its inlet surface is fluffy and outlet surface is compact, providing a large dust capacity while ensuring efficiency. A reasonable filter design increases the effective filtration area while reducing resistance and increasing dust capacity.

3. Can be cleaned and reused, saving costs: After using the aluminum frame primary filter for a period of time, it can be cleaned and reused with an air gun, maximizing the savings in operating costs.

4. The wind speed has a wide range of applications and is suitable for various occasions: the filter material is supported by a mesh iron wire mesh galvanized skeleton, and the conventional operating wind speed can reach 2.5m/s, which can meet the filtering operating wind speed requirements of various ventilation systems.

5. Efficiency level: G3, G4, M5 (EN779): According to the EN779 standard testing, the filter efficiency can be divided into G3, G4, M5, suitable for various initial filtration through the system.

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