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What are the advantages of using bag filter in Incineration?

June 09,2023

Efficient filtration: The bag filter baghouse uses needle felt filter bags or woven fabric filter bags as the main filtering materials, which has a large filtering area and good filtering efficiency, and can efficiently capture and separate the fine particles and smoke produced in the Incineration furnace, effectively reducing the concentration of particles in the flue gas emissions.

High adaptability: filter bag baghouse can adapt to the high temperature, corrosive and humidity flue gas environment in Incineration furnace, and has good high-temperature resistance and corrosion resistance, and can operate stably and maintain efficient filtering effect.

Long life and reliability: The SFFILTECH bag filter dust collector is made of wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant cloth bag materials and a solid and durable framework structure. It has a long service life and reliability, and can withstand the harsh working conditions and high load operation requirements in the Incineration furnace.

Energy conservation and environmental protection:Bag filterscan efficiently capture smoke and particulate matter, reduce the content of pollutants in flue gas emissions, and meet environmental requirements. At the same time, the operation power consumption of bag filter baghouse is low, and it has good energy consumption performance.

Easy operation and maintenance:Baghousehas a simple structure, convenient operation, and lower operating and maintenance costs. The filter bag can be cleaned, replaced, and repaired, making maintenance and management relatively simple.

To sum up, the filter bag house of Incineration has the advantages of efficient filtration, strong adaptability, durability, reliability, energy conservation and environmental protection, and is a commonly used and effective Incineration flue gas filtration andpurification equipment.

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