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What are the characteristics and advantages of the separator free high efficiency filter?

October 19,2022

Diaphragm free high efficiency filter is used for terminal filtration of purification air conditioning system and local purification equipment. It is used to filter ≥ 0.1~0.5 when working in a demanding environment μ M of particulate dust. Its separator is hot melt adhesive. The reason for using this material is to ensure and facilitate the later mechanized production. So, how much do you know about the characteristics and advantages of the high efficiency non partition air filter?

What are thecharacteristics of high efficiency non separator filter?

1. The high-efficient air filter is manufactured with a compact “v” filter material structure, which has a large effective filtering area and a small occupation structure, saving space.

2. The aluminum profile frame is anodized on the surface, and the air inlet and outlet surfaces are provided with metal protective mesh, which makes it firm, efficient and easy to handle.

3. The unique seamless sealing technology makes the sealing effect more durable and not easy to leak, and the air flow is uniform.

4. High efficiency air filter without partition level: H13-H14, filter element material: glass fiber;

5. Determine the air volume required by the filter (the rated air volume is below 0.45m/s);

6. Determine whether the required filter size and installation method are appropriate;

7. Determine whether the filter has special requirements, such as tank sealing, DOP detection (Note: refer to the leakage detection method of high efficiency filter), etc.

8. The service life is relatively long. The filtering efficiency can be stabilized at a high level for a long time. Customers can use it for a long time to work steadily, reducing the time for cleaning, maintenance and servicing.

9. Parts wear rate is relatively low. Parts are easily worn out, which will lead to frequent maintenance of the equipment. Due to the good quality of the high efficiency filter without partition, wear is reduced during use, and regular inspection is carried out to save costs.

Summary of advantages of high efficiency baffle less air filter:

The overall structure is compact, low resistance, large dust capacity, good wind speed uniformity, strong universality, small size, light weight, convenient installation, anti-aging technology, not easy to deform, and long service life.

When reducing the size and weight of the filter, it can also increase its air volume. The smaller the space is, the more products with larger air volume can be produced. Therefore, we can provide smaller and lighter frames to reduce the weight in order to facilitate handling and installation. A good product design can flexibly install, replace and upgrade the product.

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