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What are the characteristics and practical values of glass fiber filter bags?

September 17,2022

Glass fiber filter bag is a product of air filtration and purification. It is made of glass fiber and is similar in shape to a small bag, so it is called glass fiber filter bag. Glass fiber filter bags not only have good filtering effect, but also are applicable to many environments. Glass fiber filter bag for food production and chemical industrial environments, such as petrochemical plants, LCD screen factories and pharmaceutical enterprises, glass fiber filter bags are used to absorb dust inside the production site, so as to achieve the purpose of high-efficiency air purification.

According to the filtration efficiency, thefiltration efficiency of glass fiber filter bagsis divided into four grades: F5, F6, F7 and F8. Users can choose products with different effects according to their own air environment. The material of glass fiber filter bag is a kind of glass fiber, which is similar to a composite material. Non woven cloth is used for secondary reinforcement outside, so the product has high durability and will not be damaged even in the harsh chemical production environment.

In the actual application process, the glass fiber filter bag has high permeability and dust holding rate. At the same time, in order to ensure safety and stability in the use process, it also has certain fire resistance and heat resistance. In the high-temperature environment, it is not flammable and is not easy to deform. The glass fiber filter bag is wrapped by a galvanized outer frame in use, with the aluminum alloy outer frame as the center, and the mechanical performance is also greatly improved.

Of course, glass fiber filter bags are not advantages, but have certain weaknesses. Their material characteristics are fragile, their softness is insufficient, and they are fragile. At the same time, their abrasion resistance is also insufficient. They should be placed gently in use to avoid damage. The single thread of glass fiber is particularly thin, which is thinner than human hair fibers and has high processing difficulty. Glass fiber processors include high temperature, stretching, weaving, yarn, etc. glass fiber is composed of many single threads of glass fiber.

Glass fibers are highly stretched and have a high elastic coefficient. They are mostly wound and overlapped by various glass fibers. Therefore, in use, they can be stretched many times as long as they do not exceed the elastic limit. The glass fiber itself has a high ignition point and melting point, and is safe and stable.
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