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What are the characteristics of electroplated filter bag?

December 03,2022

Anode bag for electroplating and titanium blue bag are the same thing.

Thematerials of polar bag and titanium blue bagare divided into polyester cloth and polypropylene cloth, with single or double side napping. Theanode bagshall be made of acid resistant polyester cloth or polypropylene cloth. The density, thickness, specification and pore size of the anode bag have different effects on blocking the convection and diffusion of anode particles, black film mud particles and copper ions. Although the double-layer anode bag can effectively prevent the anode mud from entering the tank solution, it is not conducive to anodic dissolution, and the tank voltage will increase, affecting the adhesion of the phosphorus film. Its role is to filter anode impurities, and to make the metal ions released from the anode more evenly distributed when entering the plating solution. It is generally sleeved outside the anode titanium basket, so it is called titanium basket bag. It is generally made of non-woven fabric. Its shape is similar to that of the titanium basket, but it can be slightly larger than that of the titanium basket. Two to four cloth ropes are sewn at the opening to prevent it from slipping.

Product PP PE Material PCB Anode Filter Bag /Titanium Basket Bags For Metal Fines And Metal Residues For Electroplating Industry
Material Polyester (Acid proof, Alkali intolerance)
PP (Acid and alkali resistance)
Size 150*850mm, 1500*205mm, 100*450mm or Customized
Pocket opening type Rope, elastic rope, customized
Bag body process Sewing, or customizable


Nominal rating (μm) Initial accuracy (μm) Maximum particles(μm) discharge of water (L/min)
1 10~20 30 15
3 20~30 38 20
5 25~40 40 25
10 30~50 50 30
20 35~60 60 32
30 40~70 70 36
50 55~80 80 40
75 75~105 110 45

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