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What are the characteristics of high humidity resistant filter?

October 19,2022

For high efficiency filters required to be used in high humidity environments, high humidity resistant filter paper, and partition board and frame materials must be selected to meet production requirements. For biological clean rooms and medical clean rooms, metal framed filters must be selected, and their surfaces are not easy to rust. Wood framed filters are not allowed to be used to prevent bacteria from producing and affecting the qualification rate of products.

What are thecharacteristics of high humidity resistant high efficiency filter?

1.High humidity resistant high efficiency filterwith partition is mainly used to filter air suspended particles above 0.3um as the end filtering of various filtering systems. Its filter material is made of high humidity resistant ultra-fine glass fiber filter paper, separated by aluminum foil. The corrugated paper partition or aluminum partition maintains an equidistant space between each pleated paper, and the air flow is easy to pass through, so as to ensure the effective use of the filter material and increase the strength. Special sealant is used around the filter to ensure the sealing of the entire filter.

2.High humidity resistant air filteris characterized by high efficiency, low resistance, large dust capacity, good humidity resistance and high humidity resistance. The utility model also has the advantages of chemical corrosion resistance, non-breeding of microorganisms, wear resistance, long service life, and repeated cleaning. It also has the function of degusting and filtering, which is suitable for air purification under high temperature, normal pressure and high humidity conditions.

3 The use of this filter is beneficial to people’s health. The wet surface is eliminated, the possibility of hidden dangers against human health such as mold breeding is eliminated, and the problem of secondary pollution of inhalable particles caused by the use of air filters is solved. Spraying molten liquid can remove dust, bacteria, mold and other harmful substances in the air, ensure healthy and clean air supply, and improve indoor air quality.

4. It also makes people feel comfortable and can realize the smooth conversion of various air handling conditions. It will not occur that the traditional air conditioner sacrifices indoor moisture content control under partial load.

5. The efficiency is improved, and the energy consumption of fresh air treatment is effectively reduced through the unique total heat recovery method.

6. The high humidity resistant high efficiency filter also has the effect of energy saving. The solution humidity regulating technology can use a high temperature cold source of 17-20 ℃ to treat the indoor sensible heat load, which greatly improves the energy efficiency of the system and reduces the energy consumption of the system operation by about 30%.

7. Reduce energy consumption: the required air supply parameters can be reached without reheating, and there will be no energy waste caused by reheating after cooling

Application of high humidity resistant high efficiency filter:

It can be used in 100% RH environment for a long time, and is suitable for normal temperature, normal pressure and high humidity environment, especially high humidity environment such as infusion production in pharmaceutical industry.

The above is SFFILTECH’s introduction to the characteristics of high humidity resistant high efficiency filters. I hope it will be helpful to you. If you also want to know information about other high efficiency filters, please contact Maiqing’s sales team.

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